Android and iOS Security

Auditing of Android and iOS mobile applications

Mobile applications are being used more and more, as a complement to web applications. Therefore, they're also increasingly being targeted by attackers. We can audit your Android and iOS mobile applications with both a static and a dynamic analysis.

A mobile application audit can be broken down into two phases.

The prerequisite for this audit is to have the .apk (Android) or .ipa (iOS) installation file of the application. We can also retrieve the latest version of the application from the corresponding application store if you wish.

audit of your Android or iOS mobile application

A mobile application often communicates with a server to exchange data. Unlike a web application, which is independent of the browser in which it runs, a mobile application is designed to meet a particular need. The big difference between web penetration testing and mobile application auditing is therefore in the reverse engineering phase and the analysis of the mobile application behavior.