Innovative Cybersecurity services and products for all your IT scope

Our cybersecurity experts - certified to the highest levels across multiple vendors, technologies, and industry standards - will help you develop a strategy and actionable security roadmap aligned to your business objectives, with optimized security controls, as well as next-generation security architecture, policies and framework.

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We transform your SOC to a Next-generation SOC: 

1. Automate the mundane, repetitive tasks of neutralizing low-level threats.
2. Integrate data from prevention systems such as firewalls and end-point protection software to give the SOC an overview of threat data. 
3. Automate the easy steps in the SOC playbook.
4. Through automation, free up security analysts to focus on the vital tasks of hunting threats and dealing with targeted attacks. 

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The Cybersecurity Advisory uses a modular framework that spans the entire lifecycle of security. Each module identifies gaps in your information security management policies, standards, processes and technologies that pose a risk to your organization’s security posture and provides a recommendation, along with a prioritized roadmap for improvement.

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OT security is the full stack of hardware and software being used to monitor, detect, and control changes to devices, processes, and events. OT security is commonly used to protect industrial systems and networks from attacks. Operational technology security is used to protect and control critical infrastructures such as power stations, transportation networks, and smart city appliances.

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Our Approach To Cybersecurity

Prioritising Proactive Cybersecurity

At Yokamos, our goal is to construct a cybersecurity infrastructure from the floor up that exceeds expectations now and far into the future.

As cyber threats and assaults swiftly evolve to maximize business disruption, a robust cybersecurity approach ought to protect you from attacks. Moreover, it must be treated as a core business installation by using all key stakeholders. It cannot be a hard and fast-and-forget element of your enterprise anymore. Managed cybersecurity while continuously making plans, monitoring, and adapting to threats is required to make sure your business is safeguarded from a hit.

Our method at Yokamos is all about proactive security. The aim is to get your cybersecurity maturity to a place where you could discover, prevent, and protect against cyber threats, as opposed to just reacting to them.

Secure By Design

Secured by design is the official police safety initiative that works to enhance the safety of homes and their instantaneous environment to offer secure locations to stay, work, shop, and visit.

SBD’s product-based accreditation scheme – the Police favored Specification - provides a known preferred for all security products which could deter and decrease crime.

There are presently many masses of businesses producing hundreds of attack-resistant crime prevention merchandise, across 30 different crime categories, that have completed Police favored specifications.


Is a process of developing a software system that implements a business process in such a way that its ability to meet specific compliance requirements is ascertained, formal methods are typically involved to automate compliance rule verification. Learn more in: Integrating Compliance Management in Service-Driven Computing: Conceptual Models and Automation Architecture.

Continuous Monitoring

Security professionals involved in the IT and cybersecurity industry for the last 10+ years have most likely come across the terms SIEM and recently SOAR, but there is still much confusion about what the specific use cases and purposes are. So, are these tools the same thing? Do security teams need one, the other, or both within their security operation center (SOC) infrastructure?

Keep reading as we explain their unique capabilities, their differences, and how they can work seamlessly together to accelerate security operations in terms of incident response processes and tasks to help security practitioners wrestle with common SOC challenges.

SIEM + SOAR = Better together
Security professionals realize the formula for success and improving efficiencies and effectiveness is having both SIEM and SOAR solutions in their SOC. The number of daily security events generated within an organization generally determines its need for a SIEM. The ability to respond to these alerts effectively dictates whether to also implement a SOAR.